You can ride a bike almost no matter how fit or un-fit you are. We can help you find the kind of motorcycle tour that will fit your needs and abilities.
It is always wise to visit your doctor for a general health check to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you take any medicine make sure to bring everything you need from home.

To drive a motorcycle is not about big muscles. More important for a enjoyable ride is to be at all times alert. Unexpected objects, people in the middle of the road or other obstacles damand your full attention. So don't drive any faster than you have time to slow down. A resonable speed no doubt is THE most important condition for safe driving.
On bad roads balance and overview will get you ahead rather than big arms.Most Moto Mundo tours however are on good paved roads.

The stomach is the most vulnerable part of your body in foreign countries. It is wise not to drink untreated water and make sure to eat well prepared food. With a few precautions you can avoid an irritating stomach illness.

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