Coast to coast USA

Our blast of a tour across the US. A coast to coast tour as you have never seen it before!

Through Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California!

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Tour Dates
Starting Point
Copenhagen - New Orleans
24 days
On motorcycle: 5.730 ?
In car or pavillion:3.866 ?

Inclusive is flight, hotel, rental of motorcycle (standard model), insurance of motorcycle, breakfast, entrance to sights mentioned in the program, arrival and goodbuy dinner.

The support car takes care of your luggage.

Single room fee 653?
Big motorcycle fee depending on model.
Finishing Point
San Francisco - Copenhagen
24 14 days
Motorcycle Type
We offer many different brands, let us know what you dream of!
4800 km. Louisiana - Texas - New Mexico - Arizona - Nevada - California
Rest Days
16 driving days, 5 rest days in New Orleans - Santa Fe - Las Vegas - San Francisco, 3 departure and arrival days.
A good mix of historical hotels, bic-city hotels and typical American motels. We value charm and atmosphere.
French Quarter in New Orleans, NASA in Houston, Western life in Texas, Grand Canyon, art in Santa Fe, hot springs, the coast along the Pacific, Route 66, Death Valley and San Francisco.

The tour requires no special riding abilities. All are welcome! 15 is minimum no. of participants.

The tour

Day 1

Arrival New Orleans

We land after the flight with a good bed and a good dinner.
Day 2

New Orleans

In spite of hurricanes there is still the special atmosphere of New Orleans in the French Quarter. We take our time to say hello to USA with a walk in the city.
Day 3

Lafayette, Louisiana, 240 km

Today is the big day where we will receive the motorcycles that will bring us the long way all across the continent. We start early so that we have time and no stress to pick up the bikes and get going. We load the support car with your luggage and water for thirsty throats.
Day 4

Mexican Golf - Houston, Texas, 366 km

We enter Texas and pass the oil-city Beaufort. We cruise along the ocast and a ferry will take us to famous Galveston. The Victorian beach-front town is next to the big city of Houston.
Day 5

NASA, space-center - Austin, Texas, 260 km

A day of contrasts from space to indie-music. We spend the morning in Houston NASA-space-center and in the evening we'll find live music in Austin, the music-capital of Texas.
Day 6

Rodeo show, San Angelo, Texas, 308 km

The home of cowboys. Big hats, boots and dust in the hot sun. San Angelo is the hometown of a famous Rodeo-show. Hold on to your ten-gallon hat!
Day 7

Carlsbad, New Mexico, 430 km

Cattle-ranches, oilfields and empty roads. The day ends at the Carlsbad Caverns, among USA's most famous attractions, which we see next morning.
Day 8

Enchanted caverns - magical dunes, White Sands, New Mexico, 363km

Great MC-roads. Magic dunes sparkling white in the setting sun. Next door the military base where the A-bomb was tested.
Day 9

Mountain roads, Mountainair, New Mexico, 290 km

The scenery around Santa Fe is grand and it is not by coincidence that many spiritual people has been drawn to this place. The skies are high and the air clear.
Day 10

Bike-fun - Santa Fe, New Mexico, 160 km

Route 14 to Santa Fe is one of the USA's famous bike-roads. Enjoy the 160 kms to to oldest capital in the US - still with no airport or railway station.
Day 11

Rest-day in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is unlike other American big cities. It's houses are made from adobe, which is a kind of clay. Here you'll find many beautiful native american jewellery and you can enjoy a good meal in one of the many resaturants.
Day 12

Indian-land, Farmington, New Mexico, 333 km

The mountains North-west of Santa Fe today is the Navajo-nation. Back when we built cathedrals in Europe the Chaco indians built their cities here. Weather permitting we can visit the most famous ruin, Chaco Canyon.
Day 13

Grand Canyon Village, Arizona, 450 km

A day of Grand Western nature: Shiprock, Monument Valley and one of the world's seven wonders: Grand Canyon! A place on Earth that no words can fully describe. We will stay only a few minutes from the rim and there will be time to take it all in in your own time.
Day 14

Route 66 to Kingman, Arizona, 302 km

This part of route 66 is one of the most stunning and untouched. Open the throttle, feel the wind and know that you are on the road! We stay at an old historic cowboy hotel next to the old train station at Route 66.
Day 15

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Nevada, 147 km

From Arizona into Nevada.
Day 16

Rest-day, Las Vegas, Nevada

Who can pass through Nevada and not make a stop to experience the casino city of all casino cities. We will have a look at The Strip and let us be blinded by all the flashing lights.
Day 17

Death Valley, California, 240 km

From big city to nature at North America's lowest point 70 m under sea level. But we will not see much water at this place called Death Valley for a reason. The temperature will be bearable at this time of the year. Right in the middle of this beautiful landscape there will be comfortable beds awaiting us.
Day 18

Giant Sequoia Nat. Park, Californina, 160 km

You have been in the USA for a long time now and you will enjoy the feeling of being at one with your bike letting the thoughts fly and just take in all the new impressions. California is known for it's giant red wood trees. How many people do you think it takes to hold around the biggest ones? We put it to the test!
Day 19

Coastal moutains and the Pacific, Big Sur, California, 372 km

We have made it to the Pacific Ocean! Behind us are thousands of miles, deserts and Texas endless plaines. In front the rad winds it's way along the dramatic coast line and some of the most stunning miles of road in the USA. We will get to bed late this night since we have a very special surprise for you on the cliffs above the crushing waves.
Day 20

Highway 1, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, 150 km

Welcome to San Francisco. And well riden! You have now seen more of the states than many americans ever will. We celebrate our great trip with a delicious dinner.
Day 21

Rest-day, San Francisco

The day is yours once the motorcycles have been returned. Explore the city as you wish there are many cool things to see and do in the city with the steep streets.
Day 22

Rest-day, San Francisco

Shopping, museums, China Town, good food: the day is yours.
Day 23

Departure from San Francisco

We say goodbye and see you soon to the states as we get comfortable in the plane to Europe.
Day 24

Arrival to Copenhagen

My bet is that someone at home will be excited to hear about your travel experiences. We land in Copenhagen airport and say goodbye to our travel companions.


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