South of England - 14 days

The English south coast, Cornwall, Dartmoor heath, Lands End and Wales.

Several thousand years of history and culture you get on this trip. A treasure trove of experiences in the beautiful, but also sometimes harsh nature. We drive through large and almost empty areas, where cattle and large flocks of sheep graze on valleys and ridges, and where the wide view is not broken by man-made constructions. We find the nicest little charming villages, where the old urban environments have been preserved. The south of England, with its subtropical climate, is the perfect destination for motorcyclists. We'll find the ways you can't do yourself.

Tour Dates
Starting Point
Frøslev or wherever you wish on the route.
MOTORCYCLE: 22,800 dkr, ferries and almost full catering all days, all overnight stays, Breakfast 13 (M) Lunch 8 (F) Dinner 9 (A). (See under the individual days) Supplement for single room 2.300 dkr.
REAR SEAT PASSENGER: 18,900 dkr, Ferries and almost full catering all days (see under the individual days) overnight stays, etc. Maximum number of participants: 14.The tour is conducted by a minimum of 8 participants.
Danish tour guide on the whole trip.
Statutory payment to the Travel Guarantee Fund.
NOT INCLUDED: Gasoline, drinks, parking fees, entrance fees, as well as lunch/dinner on the few days when you are on your own.
The right to change the program is reserved.

Finishing Point
Frøslev or wherever you wish on the route.
14 14 days
Motorcycle Type
This tour does not require any special type of motorcycle.
As can be seen from the route map: Drives to Holland and sails to Harwich in England, crosses the Thames and largely follows the English south coast to Lands End. From here north, still largely along the coast to Wales, across England with accommodation in Oxford. On to Harwich to sail to Holland again. The trip is a total of about 3600km which is almost exclusively driven on main roads and minor roads.
Rest Days

A wonderful mix of good 3 star hotels.
The mild warm climate. Hilly landscape. Lovely little roads along the coast, the beautiful magnificent empty landscapes. Idyllic small fishing villages and villages. The charm and history of Oxford. The English and their lovely culture.

The tour

Day 1

Frøslev - Rastede km.270

From the Danish border we drive along the smaller roads west of Hamburg, sail across the Elbe, round Bremerhafen and on towards Rastede which is located west of Bremen, here we take our first night stay. A
Day 2

Rastede - Hook of Holland km.390

Through Holland to Hook. We drive over the 30 km long dam at Lake Zeuder and further close to the coast until we reach the ferry in Hook of Holland. A good long driving day in beautiful surroundings. Departure by ferry at 22:00. M
Day 3

Harwich - Brighton km.280

After a good night's sleep we are in Harwich at 07:00 and have the whole day in beautiful England. We cross the Thames east of London at Dartford, drive towards the English south coast which we reach at Hastings. Just before Hastings we visit the small town of Battle, here the Battle of Hastings took place in the year 1066, a very decisive battle in the history of England. The last 75km to Brighton we drive along the coast. M+F+A
Day 4

Brighton - Bournemouth km.180

From Brighton to Bournemouth we drive the first part of the day near the coast, taking a closer look at the most idyllic small coastal towns such as Rustington, Littlehampton and Bognor Regis. We drive off the minor roads to Winchester, get a closer look at Winchester Cathedral, one of England's largest and most distinguished cathedrals, and have lunch. We drive through the New Forrest National Park on our way to the coast and our accommodation in Bournemouth. Bournemouth is located overlooking the Isle of Wight. M+F+A
Day 5

Bournemouth - Bournemouth km.110

Today is a rest day or if you like we first visit the large National Motor Museum Beaulieu which contains a fantastic car and motorcycle collection from 1875 up to the present day. After a short drive and lunch, we embark on another magnificent museum, this time Sammy Miller's Motorcycle Museum, which is one of the world's largest of its kind. On the way back we drive past Milford on Sea and look at a very spectacular marsh area and here we also have a look at the Isle of Wight. M
Day 6

Bournemouth - St.Ives km.320

Today's drive goes to Lands End, quite literally. We drive mile after mile across the great Dartmoor moor, passing the famous prison from which no one could escape, because it was too far to everything from there. We continue through the beautiful green unspoiled nature to one of the biggest gems in Cornwall, namely St.Ives. The city is famous for its old port, the wide sandy beaches, the mildest climate in all of Great Britain, Tate Gallery, large seal colonies, etc., etc. A real breathing space, even for people. M+F+A
Day 7

St.Ives- Lands End - St.Ives km.65

St.Ives is a beautifully situated fishing village, with narrow paved streets.
Rest day, relax on the beach, go on a seal safari, get a closer look at the city and also join a short excursion to Lands End, one of the tour's highlights, and England's westernmost point. Here the climate is so mild that both palm trees and subtropical plants thrive here. Finally, we reach the end of the British mainland, where the waves beat against the big rocks, enjoy the indescribable view. M+F
Day 8

St.Ives - Weston km.310

The walk along Cornwall's northern coast offers one small idyllic fishing village after another, pressed down between steep cliffs.
As we drive along the coast to Tintagel out on the rugged cliffs we see a ruin of a medieval castle.
After a long day along the west coast of England, we check into our cozy hotel and take a walk to the city's customs, The Grand Pier, after dinner. M+F+A
Day 9

Weston - Aberystwyth km.370

From Weston along the sandy south coast of Wales, to the town of Swansea and further along the lovely coast dominated by steep cliffs and beautiful bathing beaches. We come to the ferry town of Fishguard, whose houses are picturesquely located on the mountain slopes around the small harbor. A detour out to one of the many promontory to enjoy the sight of the coastline. (between Aberystwyth and Cardigan) In this landscape we also pass many old castles and churches.
We arrive in Aberystwyth, a major town on the west coast of Wales. Aberystwyth means the mouth of the River Ystwyth, colloquially just Aber. The town is known for its lakeside promenade, rugged cliffs and small cozy business streets, as well as the ruins of an old castle. From the town there is an old veteran track to the "Devils Bridge" M+F+A

Day 10

Aberystwyth - Oxford km.290

We drive in the lush Wye valley and continue east up through the mountainous terrain towards Hereford. Makes a small detour to the special Devil's Bridge, which spans the wooded gorge in a very daring way, with a waterfall in scenic surroundings. Do they enjoy sweeping views up in the elevation, come to Hereford from where the famous Hereford cattle originated, a lush agricultural area. We are now crossing the border between Wales and England. Down in the wide valley of the Severn River
we visit the city of Worcester, a small industrial town known for its sauce and porcelain. The main road rises above the Malvern Hills and on towards Oxford, the famous university city where many great personalities have received their educations. M+F+A

Day 11


Use your day off to explore this historic city. See the things that interest you, there are many opportunities in this old historic city. The city has more than 30 colleges with over 10000 students. The cityscape is dominated by many old buildings with spires and towers.
Oxford is located on the banks of the River Thames and its tributary Cherwell. Along the rivers you can rent boats and barges, which lead you past the beautiful old university buildings and green areas. Visit the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford, where some of the scenes for the Harry Potter films were shot. Or just walking around the streets and maybe recognizing something from the movies with Inspector Morse and Lewis and Hataway. Maybe a visit to the Toad distillery could be exciting or one of the many beer breweries.

Day 12

Oxford - Cambridge - Harwich km.330

Today we drive north of London and to the east, we have found the best roads across all the busy roads that go north from London. We drive along the hills of the Chiltern Hills, which are chalk hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty. On the way we pass Aylesbury an old market town with several historic pubs. Past Luton, an important industrial town on its southern outskirts, lies the distinguished manor of Luton Hoo. Previously, the city had a large hats industry. We drive through wooded areas north to the cozy town of Saffron Walden, where we find one of the finest examples of a well-preserved medieval market town in the UK, experience the relaxed atmosphere, the beautiful gardens and the idyll there, we enjoy our lunch at The Tea Amo. On the way to Colchester, which is the oldest town in England, we come through Finchingfield called the most beautiful village in England. We arrive at
Harwich and sail out through the mouth of the Stour River with Felix-stowe's vast container harbour on the left side and look back at Harwich with the typical English church tower on the peninsula. Departure by ferry at 23:00

Day 13

Hook of Holland - Kirchdorf km.430

Kirchdorf is located in a large beautiful wooded area in the state of Lower Saxony, about south of Bremen. On our way to Kirchdorf we visit the town of Minden, here we first look at a large and elevated monument to Kaiser Wilhelm 1896 then a place where the river Weser crosses the Mittellandkanal, before the last 40km to our "Landhotel". Tonight there is a Banquet. M+A
Day 14

Kirchdorf - Frøslev km.320

We continue north, round Bremen and continue by the small roads towards the Elbe which we cross at Glückstadt. On towards Itzehoe and the Danish border. After 14 exciting and pleasant days, we now have the Danish border in sight. M


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