Albania - 18 dage

Albania, europe's forgotten jewel. Join us as any of the first tourists in the former so closed country. Intriguing corners of Albania are explored. In addition to you get 4 Balkan countries, Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik the old bridge in Mostar etc. A total of 6 countries we get through on this exciting tour.


Tour Dates
1. September, 2021 - 18. September, 2021

Starting Point
MOTORCYCLE: 19.900,00 dkr per person in a shared double room. Single room fee kr.2.600,00. Hotels only, not train.
BACK-SEAT PASSENGER: 15.800,00 dkr.
Additional fee for a single room 2.600,00 dkr.
INCLUDED: All accommodations, breakfast all days, 13 lunches, 13 supers. Cartrain from Hamburg to Insbruck and return. Secure parking at night.
Danish travel-guide and local guide in Tirane.
NOT INCLUDED: Petrol and drinks.
Finishing Point
18 days
Motorcycle Type
This trip does not require any particular type of motorbike.
The trip goes from Hamburg to Insbruck, then through Austria,Italy, Croatia, Montenegro to Albania and back, with a detour to Mostar in Bosnia. The return route is not the same route through the mentioned countries. On the first day towards the warmth of the south we drive a transport route on motorway but besides this we will follow the Adriatic-sea coast large parts of the route. Going north we will take an in coutry route, partly away from the coast. A single overnight stay in Mostar in Bosnia before the Adriatic cost again. We have 1200km of driving in Albania, all in all 4100km.
Rest Days

Nice 3 and 4 star hotels, guest-houses etc.
The Croatian and Albanian Adriatic-see coast. Sun, Warmth, Beaches and the undiscovered and very hospitable Albania. Guided tour in Tirana. Magnificent nature, the famous old bridge in Mostar and much much more.

Information meeting is held in advance, during this meeting cards of Albania and Moto-Mundo t-shirts will be handed out.Lunch included.

The tour

Day 1, wednesday 01-09-2021

Denmark - Insbruck

By car train from Hamburg to Insbruck. Of course, you are also welcome to drive to Insbruck yourself, where we all meet.
Day 2, thursday 02-09-2021

Insbruck - Manzano km 300

Day 3, friday 03-09-2021

Manzano - Senj km 220

Day 4, saturday 04-09-2021

Senj - Dubrovnik km 480

Day 5, sunday 05-09-2021

Dubrovnik - Dürres km 300

Day 6, monday 06-09-2021

Dürres - Tiranë - Dürres km 80

Day 7, tuesday 07-09-2021

Dürres - Gjirokaster km 260

Gjirokaster is the largest city in the south of Albania, not far from the Greek border. In 1961, Gjirokaster was declared a museum town and in 2005 was named the World Heritage Site by Unesco.
Birthplace of Any Hoxa. Albania's leader from 1944-1985.
Day 8, wednesday 08-09-2021

Resting day

Day 9, thursday 09-09-2021

Gjirokaster - Korcë km 220

Day 10, friday 10-09-2021

Resting day

Day 11, saturday 11-09-2021

Korcë - Shkodër km 275

Day 12, sunday 12-09-2021

Shkodër - Mostar km 310

Day 13, monday 13-09-2021

Shkodër - Mostar km 310

Day 14, tuesday 14-09-2021

Mostar - Skradin km 245

Day 15, wednesday 15-09-2021


Day 16, thursday 16-09-2021

Skradin - Triest km 360

Day 17, friday 17-09-2021

Triest - Insbruck km 370

Day 18, saturday 18-09-2021

Arrival Hamburg on the cartrain 08.53.


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