There is a hundred ways to travel on a bike. We would like to explain a little about what the mindset of our trips is.

1. Safety is important, so we don't drive at night.
2. Motorcycles can break down, so we help each other.
3. Locals know the area best, so we work as much as possible with locals.
4. Vi travel to experience, not to race
5. Vi travel to meet other cultures and all nationalities are welcome with us
6. To drive is in it self a great event therefore we make our best to drive where the nature is splendid and appropriate for motorcycling
7. People we meet on our way is an important part of travelling and we would like to be met with friendliness. Therefore we come ourselves with an open mind and behave respectfully.
8. Authentic experiences is what we seek so we choose authentic destinations.
9. Unpredictability is part of travelling. We try to find the balance between careful planning and being open to taking things as they come.
10. Others can help you have a good experience - but is especially up to you to have a good time.

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