Moto Mundo`s background

moto Mundo founded in 2006 by Ida and Hjalte they have done it all our life because we love it - travelled on motorcycle all around the world. We have driven more than 200.000 km all together on all continents except the poles.

We have gone to the places we have dreamt about, far away and near by. Across mountains and jungles. Between land-mines and clay huts. To big cities and tribal parties.

Now we would like to invite all who wish to come along. We have chosen the best and most beautiful places. The motorcycle tours are planned so that you get to see the destination on the best possible time of the year. The routes are designed to give you the best of the countries.

We make tours that every one can join. At night we stay in good hotels and there we spend time on our way.

Nina Rasmussen and Hjalte Tin have travelled with their kids Emil and Ida since 1980 when Ida was put in front of her mother on a Honda XL500 and Emil in front of his father. The one-year trip trough South America gave taste for more and the family has travelled on long trips around the world four times since then.

Nina and Hjalte continued travelling extensively after the kids grew up. Trips across the Himalayas in an old Citroen 2 CV car, camel-treks in India, risky trips to Iraq, Kurdistan and Iran. Long stays in Africa and recently driving an old Russian Ural motorcycle with sidecar all around Cuba.

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