Burning Man USA

Crazy event. Crazy place. Amazingly beautiful. Burning Man is the place where there are no spectators, only participants. In the middle of the Nevada desert

Crazy event. Crazy place. Amazingly beautiful. Burning Man is the place where there are no spectators, only participants. In the middle of the Nevada desert a city of 45.000 people mushrooms every year. On the fine desert sand on the Playa rolling art vans, art installations and dressed up people arises.

We head for the desert for the third time and this year we have focused entirely on Burning Man. The tour has been remade, see below. This year we will stay at Buring Man two days longer!

To come along you must participate by contributing with SOMETHING - ANY THING!

Burning Man is a wild as you make it yourself. There is no other entertainment than the one the participants bring themselves -and that is a lot!

At Burning Man one cannot buy or sell anything. The principle of radical self-reliance rules which means we bring everything, even water and food, and the stuff we have forgotten we swop with our neighbours.

Tour guarantee by minimum 5 participants.

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Tour Dates
Starting Point
16.900 dkr.
Price Includes
- hotel in shared double room in San Francisco (we stay in tents at the festival)
- entrance to Burning Man
- a seat in our "mother ship" the RV, or in a car

Single room 1200 dkr
Finishing Point
11 14 days
Motorcycle Type
no bikes!
a straight line!
Rest Days
No rest days but 6 whole days at Burning Man
Hotel in San Francisco, tents in the desert
Experiencing San Francisco and participating in the world's most unique and mind-altering festival.

At Burning Man there are no spectators only participants.

The tour

Day 1

People traveling from outside the US departs from overseas

We arrive to San Francisco and check in to the hotel to rest after the flight.
Day 2

Directly to Burning Man

We head directly into the desert. We make a stop on our way to buy food for our stay at Burning Man
Day 3

Burning Man

Hello, we are at Burning Man!
The theme this year is America.
Tjeck out www.burningman.com
Day 4

Burning Man

Experience all that you for sure cannot imagine! Here is Dr Mega Volt - a crazy art van with high voltage electricity. Who knows what will be there this year? We are participants and contribute with the kites we have made from home, a choir or something completely different? We meet before departure and if you like you can do something with the others.
Day 5

Burning Man

Burning Man is vast! We bring bikes - you are welcome to decorate them!
Day 6

Burning Man

The day where everything can happen. There is endless things to see, feel, experience, people to meet and gifts to give.
Day 7

Burning Man

The final night the Man burns. All is being burned and the ashes brought out of the desert. After the festival there are no traces of the event. It is a magical night with thousands of partying people, fire and sparks!
Day 8

Burning Man

Our last night there. The city disintergrates and the last art is set on fire.
Day 9

Hotel in San Francisco

Exhausted and overwhelmed after seven days in the desert we reach a hot bath and a bed in San Francisco.
Day 10

Flying home

People from overseas fly home in the afternoon.
Day 11

Arrival overseas (Copenhagen)

We jump on the flight to Denmark to cross the Atlantic. You are now a Burner! Burning Man is an experience that sits in the body and many find that major changes come about in their lives after the trip. No matter what happens after the journey - the trip is a gigantic experience to have participated!


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