An on/off-road tour throug absolute world-class scenery

The Atacama desert has an extra star in our book of great motorcycle destinations. Chile is located dramatically between the Andes mountains on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. In the north where this tour takes place you will see wild desert mountains, an amazingly beautiful coast line and wonderfully spectacular desert.

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Tour Dates
Starting Point
The tour starts in Santiago, and we can fly you in from anywhere.
Motorcycle ? 5000
In support car ? 4350

The price includes
flight, motorcycle/seat in car, admission to national parks and all meals (13 nights w. breakfast, 11 lunch and 10 diner).

The price does not include
Gasoline, beverages and personal expenses

Single room ? 240
Finishing Point
The tour ends in Santiago, and then we can help you fly home.
16 14 days
Motorcycle Type
KTM, motorcycles suitable for both gravel and paved roads
We fly up north from Santiago so you avoid transport distances on the bike. Total drivnig distance 2100 km, 50% tarmac/50% gravel.
Rest Days
Putre and San Pedro de Atacama
Good hotels in the cities, local hostals and national-park cabins in the mountains and one camping-night in the desert
The Andes, world class desert landscapes, wild Pacific coast, night at hot spring

Part of the tour takes place on poor roads and in altitudes up to 4500 m.

Booking by groups of min 10 motorcycles only.

The tour

Day 1

Departure from Copenhagen (or where you are flying from)

Say bye bye to the northern winter. We cross the Atlantic to reach the far side of the globe. After a short stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we continue across the Andes to Santiago.
Day 2

Arrival in Santiago, Chile

We arrive to Santiago the capital of Chile at mid-day. We continue on a domestic plane 2 hours north to Calama, where we stay at a nice hotel.
Day 3

We get motorcycles in Calama

In Calama our KTM motorcycles awaits us. From a well kept paved road we enjoy the desert on a peaceful first day of riding. We end the day in Tocopilla at the Pacific coast.
Day 4

Along the coast to Iquique

Here one really gets the feeling of the unusual geography of Chile as it bridges the Andes and the Pacific. We ride north on Ruta 5 which winds along the coast line. It is the same road that many miles north becomes tha famous Rute 101 in California. The Chilean coast does not stand back to that of California. And here you will find no fog but clear skies and crisp desert air.
Day 5

Arica, the 300 sunshine days a year city

Arica is the northern most city in Chile and a place where the sun is almost allways shining. To get there we traverse a huge canyon. A mighty cut in the desert. From the edge you have the view of the desert and the ocean. This is an empty landscape and the small fishing villages dot a moon-like panorama.
Day 6

Into the mountains to Lauca National Park

From here we begin our ascent up into the Andes. We stay two nights in Putre at 3000 m. to get used to the high altitude. From here on we will not see much tarmac road before we reach Calama at the end of our loop.
Day 7

Lauca National Park

This is wild and unpolished high Andes and some of the most beautiful. We find our rythm on the dirt road and spend the night in Putre again after a tour to Lauca, one of Chiles most famous national parks. The population is aymara-indians, as in Peru.
Day 8

Through the Andes to Colchane

Experience how well a KTM performs on bad roads. Enjoy the view of blazing white Salar de Surire and some of the world's highest vulcanos in one of the most extreme deserts in the world.
Day 9


This is off the beaten track and not many tourists come this way. We are far from the nearest tarmac road. The support car is with us and our local guides navigate the route together with us. We take the time to let the enormous scenery sink into us. This place is bigger than you can imagine. We end the day down at 1300m in the oasis-town Pica, famous for fruit and hot springs.
Day 10


You will sleep well tonight in the high mountains close to the Bolivian border. This is ridng that demands your full attention. The reward is great and you will not grow tired of the rush of yet another crazy beautiful view coming at you around the next bend on the road.
Day 11

Fairy-tale night at the Tatio-geyser

The day offers exciting gravel-riding between 6000 m volcanos. The day ends at Tatio, the most famous of Chile's geysers. You can take a bath in a truly fairy-tale bubble-bath. We camp here a spend the night so we can experience the geyser which only erupts in the early morning.
Day 12

Escursion from San Pedro de Atacama

Mid-day we reach San Pedro de Atacama. The day is yours. You can join us to a secret salt lake in the middle of the desert. The water is so salty that the hair on your arms will turn into an iron brush. A magical place. You can also visit Valle de Luna, the Moon Valley, where the surface is covered in salt or jump into a hot spring a few hours away. You can also just browse around the charming little village.
Day 13


We end the loop by crossing Chile's largest salt-lake, the blindingly white Salar de Atacama. There will be time to enjoy the last kilometres on tarmac before we return the motorcyles in Calama. The evening is yours to experience life in a small Chilean city. You might take a walk on the market and taste a grilled fish and a sip of the delicious Chilean wine.
Day 14


The flight to Santiago only takes a couple of hours. The rest of the day is yours. Santiago is perhaps the most modern capital in South America. The city has a strong financial centre, impressive museums and you can go shopping or wander around with you camera. We share a farewell dinner to celebrate our tour!
Day 15

Departure from Santiago

We say goodbuy to our good local partners and get the flight back to Europa.
Day 16

Arrival Copenhagen (or where you fly to)

Well home you can unpack your suitcase; your muddy and dusty motorcycle gear and a camera filled with memories for life.


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